I’m Bilal Ayub.

I work on brand strategy, design, and development with bits and pixels.


I believe your ideal brand represents at least one of three things: an identity, an experience, or a narrative. I also believe that your ideal brand is perfect, complete, and utterly unattainable.

It’s my goal to understand that ideal as deeply as possible, then design something simple and powerful to bring you there. Whatever your objective — to raise money, acquire users, or just figure out the right way to convey yourself to the world — I’m there to help. By working somewhere between design and business development, I guide startups and organisations from idea to fruition to promotion.

I worked on my first project for a local business when I was 13. Since then, I’ve built websites, pitch decks, stationery, event collateral, social media campaigns, t-shirts, mobile apps, promo videos, art catalogues, and a whole lot more.

Breadth and depth are essential for an effective design which works with your business goals. Take a look at some of my work. Get in touch if your brand needs some guidance.

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I’m currently booked for contract work through May 2017. Let me know if you have a project beyond that timeline, and we can talk over coffee to see I how I can help.


I study marketing & entrepreneurship at the University of Texas at Dallas, graduating Spring 2018, and have been doing professional branding work for the past 5 years. My part-time work is dedicated to the design team at LaunchGood and the national board of Alpha Lambda Mu.


Alpha Lambda Mu, Grand Alpha Chapter — President
Alpha Lambda Mu — National Director of Branding
Entrepreneurship Club — President


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