A survey was conducted among 56 respondents to study Netflix brand recognition (awareness), usage (market penetration), subscription rate (sales), and demographics. A few questions were also asked to determine usage frequency and complementary versus substitutive nature of competitiors.

Have you heard of Netflix?

  1. Yes
  1. No

Do you use Netflix?

  1. Yes, I pay for and share my subscription
  1. Yes, I pay for but do not share my subscription
  1. Yes, I share someone else's subscription
  1. No

What is your age bracket?

  1. 13-17
  1. 18-34
  1. 35-49
  1. 50-64

Do you use a cable, satellite, antenna to watch TV?

  1. Yes, more than one of these
  1. Yes, one of these
  1. Nope. Cut the cord!

Please select any other subscription video streaming services you use:

  1. Hulu
  1. HBO Go
  1. Amazon Instant Video
  1. YouTube Red
  1. Other
  1. None

With this data, it's easy to determine that consumer brand knowledge is high. Netflix already knows this and has hence shifted its brand name advertising efforts to the international market. It also stands that the primary source of brand equity is from the original content and the experience of using the product. Finally, it's still indeterminate whether alternative services are a threat to brand equity. Many people use more than one service and many subscribe to just one. We can't know which one will come out on top, but we know that the stories and the experience will drive this relative success within the category.

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